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Sleep Guides

Learn How to Meditate – Free Meditation Script
The 7 Golden Sleep Rules
Night Fears Technique
Night Shift Help and Advice

Stress & Anxiety Guides

Creative Relaxation Technique
Letting Go of Stress and Worry
Dealing with Anxiety Caused by The Credit Crunch
De-Stress Technique - Diaphragmatic Breathing
De-Stress Technique - Stress Reducer
De-Stress Technique - Challenge Yourself
Making It Easier To Cope In Times Of Crisis
When you feel Fear. FEEL IT!

Healthy Eating Guides

Healthy Eating Top 10 Tips
How to Quit Drinking Coffee
How to Quit Drinking Coke
How to Quit Drinking Tea
How to Quit Eating Biscuits
How to Quit Eating Bread
How to Quit Eating Chocolate
How to Quit Eating Crisps
How to Quit Eating Junk Food
How to Quit Eating Sugar

Relationships & Love Guides

Attracting Love Into Your Life

Other Free Guides

Cosmic Ordering – Law Of Attraction
Hypnosis and Brainwave Function
Connecting with Angels

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What is Hypnosis? 
A Brief Explanation of Hypnosis
Air is The Currency of Life
The Progressive Relaxation Induction
The Association Induction
The Awareness Induction
The Hand Breathing Induction
Garden-Beach Induction Deepener
Confidence in Company Script
Forgetting Script
Healing Before Surgery Script
Healing White Light Script
How to use Self-Hypnosis
Guilt Release Script
The Spark Script