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The 7 Golden Sleep Rules

Man sleeping

Golden Sleep Rule 1 
Get in the habit of going to bed at the same time every night, even at weekends. This will help you regulate your sleep patterns and you should wake up at the same time each morning. The length of your sleep will depend on how much sleep your body requires. Keeping a regular schedule will condition your mind and body to go to sleep at the same time each night.

Golden Sleep Rule 2 
When you go to bed you must sleep in complete darkness so that not even the LED light from your alarm can be seen. If you have an alarm with an LED turn it away from your eyesight so that it cannot be seen at all. Make sure that you turn off all lights outside your room so that your room is in complete darkness. Minimise all sound inside and outside your bedroom and make sure your curtains are thick enough to block out sound and early morning light unless of course you plan to rise at sunlight each day. 

Golden Sleep Rule 3 
Do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least four hours before you go to bed at night. For example, if you go to bed at 11pm have your evening meal well before 7pm and avoid anything heavy that takes the body a long time to digest. 

Golden Sleep Rule 4 
Keep a notepad and pen by your bedside so that you can jot down things you need to do the next day. Once you have written them on your pad you can then forget about them and go to sleep safe in the knowledge that the thing you have written down will be remembered. A "things to do" list will help you switch off from any worries and go to sleep feeling more organised. 

Golden Sleep Rule 5 
Studies show that electro magnetic fields affect sleep patterns in a negative way. Televisions, hi-fi equipment, mobile phones or landline phones all emit strong electro magnetic fields and they are very detrimental for good quality sleep. Do not have televisions, hi-fi equipment, mobile phones or landline phones in your bedroom when you sleep. Your bedroom is for sleeping and its environment should be conducive to sleep. 

Women sleeping

Golden Sleep Rule 6 
Avoid stimulating food and drinks such as white flour products, sugar products, tea, coffee, chocolate, cola and fizzy sugar drinks in general, alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods, foods containing additives and minimise your salt intake. 

Golden Sleep Rule 7 
Exercise regularly. Ideally take a little exercise each day, anything that gets your heart rate up. Regular exercise will help you sleep well at night and so you absolutely must get into the habit of moving your body and being active on a daily basis. Build regular exercise into your daily routines and work on developing a mindset that loves exercising! Get into a habit at least three times a week of indulging yourself in specific exercise workouts like working out at the gym, practising yoga, playing tennis, cycling, jogging or whatever works for you. 

By Glenn Harrold (FBSCH Dip C.H.)

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