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We are extremely proud of the many wonderful feedback letters and emails we receive from customers all around the world. The customer appraisals have not been edited in any way and are exactly as we received them.

"I apply rigorous scrutiny to any self-help initiatives brought to my attention. There are some excellent programmes available – and some that are outstanding. In my opinion the Glenn Harrold series are outstanding - everything about them stands up to scrutiny… of particular interest to me at present is the Solfeggio Meditations.

I have personally tried this product for 6 months and I have to say it does what it says on the tin – a deep calm relaxing state that allows you to sow seeds of recovery. I cannot praise Glenn Harrold enough and it is no wonder he is the number one self-help resource in the United Kingdom. He is indeed a light for many people in a dark tunnel; a source of self-empowerment and is by your side 24 hours a day – his relaxing voice is just a cd away!" *
Dr Francis Teeney, Chartered Psychologist, Belfast, Research Fellow University of Aberdeen and MD of Mickel Health Initiatives
"My name is David Lawson and I am a professional psychotherapist for the Geneva Mederi medical clinic in Champel, Geneva, Switzerland. I work with clients with a vast range of issues from insomnia, to phobias, to lack of self-esteem etc. For the last ten years, I have recommended that my patients uses Glenn's material as a first line of attack on their issues. The results have been outstanding. Rather than having to commit to lengthy psychological interventions, Glenn's recordings have transformed many of my patients lives. Glenn is a real treasure to work with. A man of absolute integrity and honesty and without a doubt, one of the leading hypnotists in the world. Without any reservation, I highly commend his life-changing work to you." *
David Lawson, Geneva Mederi Medical Clinic, Geneva, Switzerland

"I have bought so many wonderful hypnosis apps & MP3's from you. I love, love, love each and every one of them. My absolute FAVORITE is the 852 Solfeggio... I had an amazing & deep spiritual experience the very first time I listened to it... I felt Spirit right there with me...& tears of gratitude rolled down my face. I felt the music in every cell in my body and I was at the highest level of vibration I have ever been." *
"Glenn Harrold, gets our gold star this month. Glenn is a huge inspiration after overcoming his own life struggles to achieve success by helping others, and is one of the most selfless, lovely people we have ever had the pleasure of working with." *
Prediction Magazine (August 2012)
"Sleep doesn’t come easily to me... I have too much of an active mind that never seems to want to switch off, so the only way I can get off to sleep is by using a meditation app. I’ve found a really good one by Glenn Harrold and it works every time." *
Naomie Harris - Actress
"Thank you for your Solfeggio apps. I have them all, have used them consistently for 2 years, and they have greatly improved my life in so many ways." *
Natasha Slayton - Singer & Actress
"I have downloaded from iTunes - Deep Sleep, Lose Weight and stop smoking... I no longer smoke, I have lost 18 Lbs... and I have some of the best and deepest sleep ever... I swear by these CDs... What's great, is I have them on my iPod and take them everywhere... My thanks to you Mr. Harrold...and anyone who doesn't believe me can drop me an email anytime, and I will confirm this for them." *
Detective Anthony La Femina, New York City Police Dept -15 Years Joint Terrorism Taskforce, Surveillance Division. Email:
"I did feel pretty rough for a few days (after my hypnotherapy session with Glenn) as my body was missing the sugar, but that soon passed and I feel I’m finally free of my sugar cravings and chocolate addiction! I tried a piece of chocolate to see what happened and it tasted horrible!" *
Andrea Mclean (GMTV & Loose Women)


Andrea McClean's Testimonial (GMTV & Loose Women) *


"The listener is blissfully guided into a deep state of consciousness. My body felt weightless, as if it was slowly lifting and gazing at the stars. I felt a warm glow, like a blanket wrapping itself around me. The feeling of peace and unconditional love reminded me of when I used to give and receive healing. Recently I’ve been feeling muddled over which career path to take, and this meditation helped me weigh up my options in depth and with clarity. Recommended! " *
Spirit & Destiny – June 2012
"This (Energy & Motivation CD) sent me into a state of complete relaxation, physically and mentally. It helped me sleep too." *
Sunday Express Magazine (24th June 2012)
"Glenn Harrold has extraordinary skills, not only as a musician but a healer. The sheer number of people he has helped over the years is a testament to this." *
Ursula James - Author of The Source, Clinical Hypnotherapist, University Lecturer.
"Glenn Harrold is not only the world's best hypnotherapist. He's also a brilliant musician!" *
Lana Chacra - Music Composer
"Thank you Glenn for the most amazing journey in "Relax and Sleep Well" which I heard on the Neera Menon programme. Your exquisite choice of music, sound, the gentleness of your voice and the depth & clarity of message are helping me daily. I am feeling in the inbetween space of duality and non-duality and the futulity of my dream when all that is not that. Thank you for your presence in my life and for making my awakening lighter. If ever you come to beautiful Cape Town, please let me know. Best wishes with Love and Gratitude." *
Claudia Buisson
"Dear Glenn, I LOVE your work. I discovered you about eight months ago and have been listening to various CDs of yours daily. I admit as a research scientist and psychotherapist, I was somewhat skeptical. However, I must admit that your hypnotherapy CDs have had a profound impact on my life. Also, I just got your newest book, "Look Young, Live Longer" and I can't put it down!! Keep up your wonderful work!" *
Lori - Virginia USA (Research Scientist and Psychotherapist)


Paul O'Grady Feature *


"Dear Glenn, thank you very much for your effective and supportive apps. I have used several apps which really helped on different levels. All the best." *
Hugo van de Klippe, Cardiologist
"Glenn, you're the man! I stopped smoking with your help (Overcoming Addictions), have used your Heal Your Body cd to great effect, and since I got your Exercise and Fitness Motivation cd the other day, I've barely sat down - I kid you not! I dunno how you do what you do (there are many imitators out there, but they don't come close). Very best wishes to you, mate :-)" *
Dave Shaw (UK)


Margaret's Testimonial *


"Then he hypnotised me, which basically meant getting me into the most relaxed state I'd ever known. Half an hour later I came round thinking I'd had my eyes closed for 10 minutes. I felt amazing!" *
Humfrey Hunter, The London Lite Newspaper (Feb 3rd 2009)
"Thank you for putting together the fabulous guided meditations! I was living in severe chronic neck pain and downloaded the 741hz and 852hz available with Apple apps. These two apps literally saved my life. I had a severe neck injury 6 years ago and I would/could only walk from the couch to the bedroom, kitchen, basement, ect.  

This last week I've now walked .80 miles and bike 20 minutes afterwards. It's an amazing feeling to have such a great accomplishment. I will be running again after 6 years of resting most the day in bed or the couch by this summer! I've changed my thoughts completely to stop resisting the chronic pain and I'm living life once again thanks to your apps. Thank you very much for creating these wonderful apps that changed my life forever. " *
"Nowhere in the world has a clinical practitioner in hypnotheraphy shown so much highly ethical conduct to only use this science to benefit humanity in every positive way. The highly positive affirmations in many of Glenn's programs work amazingly brilliantly!" *
Christian Summerhayes B.A. (Economics Hons1)


Robert's Testimonial *


"My sessions with Glenn really helped and it was quite an uplifting experience. I went under really easily. Glenn had such a calming voice and I felt totally safe." *
Bianca Gascoigne, Glamour Model and TV Personality
"Glenn cured my (fish phobia) and fear of watching people eat seafood. It's brilliant - I'm most happy about being able to go in the sea again!" *
Amanda Marchant, Big Brother Contestant
"I was sceptical about the idea of hypnosis to begin with, but in just two hour-long sessions, Glenn had got to the bottom of my (balloon) phobia. At the end of the session, he made me blow up a balloon, which I'd never done before. I felt really good about myself." *
Charlotte Mears, Model from TV's WAGS boutique.
"Glenn, what an amazing man you are! Good luck with all your new ventures and projects. I believed in you right from the start in the 90's and knew you were someone special. Since then my many clients over the years have been helped by your tapes and CDs and I would like to thank you very much for that. Nothing else on the market comes anywhere near the quality and brilliance of your work. Best wishes Shirley" *
Shirley Brokenshaw
(Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Counsellor, UK)


Miranda's Testimonial *


"Every time I think that Glenn Harrold has produced a meditation series that cannot be surpassed he presents us with something even more incredible. His Mindfulness meditations almost belong to another world and invite the listener to reach a state of relaxation where anything positive is possible." *
Dr Francis Teeney, Chartered Psychologist, Belfast, Research Fellow University of Aberdeen and MD of Mickel Health Initiatives
"Dear Divinity Publishing. I have used many hypnotic tapes over the years now and although they have helped me to some degree I never experienced the change I was after. I have been using your self Confidence CD for a while now and I am quite simply astonished by the effect it is having on me. I feel my interaction with people is easy and natural and I seem to develop rapport very quickly with them. I feel more positive and happier in my life in general. I can only put this change down to using your wonderful CDs, they are so well produced and a great joy to listen too I never go a day with out them now. I would highly recommend them to anyone I think may need them. I would like to thank you for such an excellent product." *
Ken Miles (Peterborough UK)
“I regularly use Mr. Glenn Harrold's tapes with pre-surgical patients. The marked improvements in overall recovery have been astounding. It has been noted by attending surgeons' and anaesthesiologists' that surgical patients having used pre and post- surgical conditioning with Glenn Harrold's positive reinforcement tapes, have faster and more positive results than those patients not having used this technique. Thank you Glenn for your valuable contribution to the healing arts." *
Autumn J. Patrick - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Hypno-Tech Hypnosis Research and Development San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A.
"I’ve had a listen to your Inner Wisdom CD and loved it – it certainly did the trick, as usual, I was out for the count within minutes and woke feeling incredibly uplifted. You really do have such a talent for this. Amazing! :-)" *
Alexandra Wenman, Assistant Editor, Prediction Magazine
"I have just this minute finished the Inner Wisdom session and I am overwhelmed. I have no words at present and can only say thank you. I have used self hypnosis CDs before and they were good but yours are different, they are almost magical! Thank you from my heart." *


Jennifer's Testimonial *


"Dear Glenn, I love your CDs and listen to them twice a day - they have really changed my life for the better - thank you so much :)" *
Anne Darling (Kirkcudbright, Scotland)
"Dear Glenn, through a stroke of luck I found Develop a powerful memory. I am a professional futures trader and I can't beleave how much it has helped my trading. I have paid thousands of dollers to learn how to trade and your few doller CD has by far propelled my career in the right direction thank you. Is there a chance in the near future there may be a CD specific to my profession because god knows we sure do need it. Thanks once again." *
Lance Hill (Brisbane Australia)
"I love your CD's! I am no stranger to hypnosis. Yours are among the best I have ever used. Myself and others have been helped greatly by your fantastic high quality recordings. I will always be fan! Again I thank you, and may God continue to bless you in efforts." *
Rod Herington (Fort Worth, Texas USA)
"I can honestly say that the effectiveness of Glenn’s methods absolutely shocked me. I had entered the room as a sceptic and was blown away." *
Carole Marsh, Women's Fitness Magazine (May 09)
"God Bless your tapes Glenn!! This is my testimonial to you! I gave up smoking with your special CD in under a week, and amazingly enough, now when I see people smoking I have the feeling that I never even tried a cigarette before, It means nothing to me whatsoever. The music is awesome. VERY GOOD JOB!! Thanks so much for making it so easy for me to break a 20 odd-year smoking habit!!" *
Kafe Garcia (Largs, UK)
"I am really amazed about the results of Glenn Harrold´s work in my own life and personal experience, and all in no time. It is such a great help for me and I only can thank him. :-) The more, since he is a musician too. Anyway, again, thanks, you´re great!" *
Silvia (Germany)
"I would like to say a big thank you to Glenn for helping me through the worst two years of my life. 2016 was blighted by anxiety and depression but by sheer luck I found the Overcome Anxiety MP3 which helped me every morning to face the day. This year my darling brother took his life due to crippling depression and once again Glenn came to the rescue. I regularly use Relax and Sleep Well and Deep Sleep to help with insomnia. The Overcome Bereavement MP3 is extremely challenging but has given me a vital connection with my brother which is priceless. I can truly say that Glenn’s wonderful MP3s have made life bearable for me and would highly recommend them. Thank you so much." *
"I own several of Glenn Harrold's hypnosis CDs and use them daily (well, nightly actually). I can feel my life changing for the better - sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes quite dramatically. It's like an unfolding of previously dormant or atrophied potentialities. Like a seed that's been waiting for the right conditions to sprout and thrive. What a gift! Thank you Glenn for making your work available to so many people!" *
Mary Snook (Alma, CO. USA)
"I am very pleased with results from the Addiction CD. My wife and I had spiralled into a drink problem, which we had tried several times to beat but to no avail. However from day one your CD has helped us overcome this, although it is only one week you have no idea how positive we both feel. The only draw back was the fact we neither of us could sleep. That has changed very dramatically with the purchase of your sleep CD, on the second night we both slept soundly. Have just ordered two more CD's, Heal Your Body and Develop A Powerful Memory. Feel sure they will work just as well. You are welcome to use these statements if it will be of help to anyone else." *
Anon (UK)
"Many thanks for your wonderful tapes, they're really helping me. Your voice is lovely...I want to do everything you say! You deserve all your success." *
Regards, Imogen Meereis (UK)
"I love Glenn Harrold's voice and tapes. Just what the doctor ordered." *
Karen Seard, WA USA
"I used your Stop Smoking Forever CD successfully well over a year ago. You have changed my life for the better." *
Jean McCarthy, Gillingham Kent UK
"I Love listening to the CD's. They are definitely the best!" *
Rhonda Williams, Australia
"I am a great fan of Glenn Harrold, his work is amazing. I will be buying all titles even the ones I wont need as I will pass them down to the kids when they grow up." *
Ali (UK)
"Thank You Glenn Harrold: First off I have never been hypnotized, yours are the first for me and I am loving it!!!! I just got your 3 CD's two weeks ago. I look forward to listening to the financial abundance cd and the unleash true potential. Your voice is to "die for" and your music is paramount, I love the whole combination. Keep up the great work. Once again Thank You" *
Rose (Ontario, Canada)


Cheryl Hickey Testimonial *


"I have been going to bed with Glenn Harrold (actually with his recording, Complete Relaxation) for a couple of months now. (I listened to a snippet of his voice on I-Tunes and DL'd the recording on the strength of his voice alone.) I don't know if I can be hypnotized, but who cares: the tape seems to work nicely and I love that voice of his. I would like to try downloading some of his other tapes since it's really convenient for use with my Ipod." *
Mary, NJ. USA
"I feel I have to tell you about how great your CD are. I did not fly in about 8 years and have to make several trips for work to a city about 2000 miles away. Neither driving nor the train were very good options. I have a history of panic attacks; it was about 12 days before my trip and the attacks started. I needed to find someway to get my mind off flying. I was skeptical but would try just about anything. After about 3 days of listening to both tracks before bed the attacks seemed to subside and I was feeling better about flying. I listened to it every night before my trip. My first trip was last week and it went VERY well, I had neither panic attack nor any hesitation about going on the plane. THANK You so much for the help." *
Eddie S (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla)
"Dear Glenn, Thank you so much for helping me to change my life. About a year ago, I weighed 250 pounds. A number of associated health problems were my wake up call to do something about my weight. Part of my weight loss regimen was hypnosis with a local therapist. He used some of the same techniques that you do, but his cd sounded like he made it in his garage. Although he was effective in person, there is just something about that voice of yours. I ordered a number of your cd's, knowing that this is a powerful tool. There is simply no comparison. I am now 100 pounds thinner, but most importantly, with your help, my inner reality is catching up with my new body. As a hospice nurse, I know a natural healer when I find one. You are an incredible healer. My dying patients who listen to your cd's need less narcotic pain medication and are so much more peaceful." You are one in a million!" *
Carol (Maryland, USA)
"You will then be able to listen to an amazing and relaxing session. I am not just saying this, but the sessions are absolutely amazing." *
iPhone Life - Review of Glenn Harrold's Relax & Sleep Well iPhone App (May 2016)
"These tapes are far and away the best hypnosis products I have ever come across. . . And I have been studying and sampling such products for 20 years. Masterful works! They are a pleasure to use." *
Respectfully, Matthew O'Brien (Virginia, U.S.A)
“Your tapes are now our Best Selling Tapes Of All Time. They are The Market Leaders." *
Peter Roglic, Product Buyer - Waterstone's Booksellers, Earls Ct, London.
"If your results are even half as good as mine, you will be amazed. The results I achieved using Glenn Harrold's Fear of Flying CD is truly remarkable and, knowing what I now know, I would pay ten times the price and wait in line to do it! Best of luck to you. I know what you are going through." *
Rodney L. Merrill (Astoria, OR USA)
"Dear Glenn, these CDs are some of the best I have come across also in 25 yrs experience and you ever coach on how to produce such gems!!!!!! Thank you for your work, time and generosity...Seattle will be introduced to your brilliance..." *
Kennedy Hassett - Reviewer and Journalist (USA).
"I have used your CDs for 2 years, night and day now.... and they have caused me to make some "quantum leaps" with such ease and grace that it is phenomenal!..." *
Rachel Drysdale, Ireland
"I have to tell you I'm so impressed by the Deep Sleep CD I purchased from you recently that I can't believe it. I didn't think anything would make a dent in what has been chronic insomnia but this does help more than a little. Thank you so much." *
Alexandra Hammond (London)
"Many thanks for your help Aly. I would just like to say that your tapes are fantastic and have helped me tremendously. I have recommended them to friends and my brother is going to order some for himself this week. Thanks again." Kind regards Angela Caine (UK)
"Dear Sales. I wonder if you could pass this e mail on to Mr Glenn Harrold for me please. I just wanted to thank him most sincerely for helping me to change my life. In the short space of time I have been using the complete relaxation and build your self esteem CD’s (ordered through Amazon) I have lost the palpitations, rushing thoughts, panic attacks, restless nights and feel really good about myself. I have stopped punishing myself for past mistakes and my whole outlook is positive.

Mr Harrold you have a very lovely and calming affect, your voice is reassuring and you do make me feel very safe and secure, my husband has noticed a huge difference in the way I am and he has got back the carefree and happy wife he had when we first got married. Many, many thanks." *
Karen Kebby (UK)
"Dear Glenn, I would just like to thank you for your "Create Unlimited Financial Abundance for yourself" cassette. Around the middle of last year I was struggling with my finances. I was in a dead end job, earning hardly any money and was over £800 in debt with my bank. About July time I chanced upon your self help tape and started using. Today I have a good job with excellent prospects, not only did I clear my overdraft prior to xmas but I had enough money to have a really good xmas and new year and I currently have £1700 in investment bonds! To cap it all I also had a small lottery win of £171, not a fortune I know but rather than blow it on a meal out or some useless item, the new me invested it in bonds!! Thanks a million (or maybe two!) Glenn. I will continue to use your tape and keep you updated of my progress towards financial abundance." *
Mark Braybrook (UK)
"Posted to me the following day after ordering - very impressed with that for a start. What kind of value for money in today's world do these CDs represent when, for a touch over a tenner, you have a tool that guarantees you will feel fantastic and gives you the reassurance that you forge ahead into a glorious future? If only everyone knew about Glenn! The inner peace CD is the best gateway I have yet found to the treasures of the subconscious mind and I didn't even have to wait; it started to work from the very first listening. I, quite simply, feel amazing, and I already thought I was feeling pretty good. This is just on a different plane. Thank you so much." *
D.A. (Henley-on-Thames UK)
"Just to let you know how I got on with your "Fear of Flying Tape". I purchased the tape 3 weeks prior to flying. Following the instructions I listened to the tape 14 times (side 1) prior to my departure date. On the day I felt great! Boarding the plane OK, Take off 95% OK. Then just to reassure me I listened to the tape during the first 25 minutes flight. Had a brillant flight, time did go quick, I felt calm and confidant, I noticed the air crew being happy and confidant. On arrival after my 4 1/2 hour flight I was on a high that I had acheived a good flight after 12 years of being frightened! What a fantastic feeling to have overcome this fear." *
Thanks Victoria Brier (UK)
"Your Heal your Body CD is recorded in such a professional way, its one of the best hypnosis cds i have ever heard. the sound effects and the music are so soothing. one of the wonderful thing that i have found out is that when i listen to track two that energises the chakras, after listening to this track i feel so much more in control of my feelings and emotions." *
Jenny Clark (UK)
"Diviniti Publishing produce the UK's 'best selling' self-help tapes. A big seller is 'Learn to Think Positively' and once you listen to it you know why! The 3D digital Sound Technology creates the best audio effects on any tape I have ever tried (and I have tried hundreds). In addition, Glenn Harrold's English accent makes a refreshing change and he uses it to skilfully guide the listener into a deeply relaxed state.....If I was only allowed one set of hypnosis tapes (by some all powerful being who stuck me on a dessert island with a walkman and plenty of batteries) I would have to say that I would chose to take my diviniti titles. They produce a very relaxed state and for once these hypnosis tapes actually seem to work." *
Dave Walmsley. Self Help CD Reviewer (Fair Oaks Entertainments. UK)
"I bought the stop smoking tape in march 2004 as I have failed to give up with patches, gum and will power alone for more than a few days. I thought" well ill give it a go". my family like myself was sceptical. I was amazed at how easy it was for me to stop smoking after listening to this tape after the second time. I have been a non smoker now for six weeks, and much to my surprise and my family's I have very easily and successfully become "A NON SMOKER".I still listen to the tape often just to make sure I stay a none smoker." thank you so much for giving me back my freedom and health." *
S Luxton (Lancashire UK)
"Hello Glenn, I have ordered and used 4 of your CD’s and they are among the very best that I have ever found in the past 20 years. I am a meditation teacher in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I use your CD’s in my classes to help people to relax. Many Thanks!" *
John Brennan - Transitional Meditation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Dear Glenn, I have purchased many self-hypnosis tapes over the past 10 years or so. However, none gave me the effect that your Positive Thinking CD did. For the first time, I noticed differences in my behaviour and, within 48 hours! It has stopped me from going down into depression - something I have done for the past 18 months or so. It also virtually cured my inability to get to sleep problem of about 10 years standing. Thank you so much for giving me back my life. I have now started on the Creating Inner Peace CD, am awaiting my order for the Self Esteem tape to take on holiday, have bought the Heal Your Body tape for a friend, and plan to order several more. These tapes/CDs are the business!" *
Tina Jefferies (UK)
"Well done Glenn on reaching 1 million sales. Not many could say that and I am sure it is down to the quality of your products!! You may be interested to know that your Complete Relaxation 1 and 2 downloads has been “the rock” of my recovery over the past 12 months from anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn’t have recovered without your voice and professional quality recordings, though it was a bit weird at first, knowing you and your voice already from our calls on the phone over the years! Many many thanks for your audio." *
Steve Bell, Company Director (UK)
"G'day all. I am the first to be bewildered by the effects of your tapes. I just stumbled over the first one at Dymmocks books in Sydney Oz and only used it with headphones once back home in Paris a week ago. I am amazed by the effects, although English is not my mother language. I go into trance really quickly and I am usually wolken up by the count up at the end. I've had to really listen to the tape when fully awake to find out what's in it !! The level of relaxation is such that once awake and lying on my bed, my heart rate goes as down as 49 BPM and I'm talking only using " Successfull relationship " I started using the self esteem one, and I definitly feel a difference about the way I feel. Not so negative about myself and much more secure and centered. I thought you'd like to hear this." *
Bruno Benoist-Lucy (France)
"Dear Diviniti Publishing. I recently purchased one of your CDs - Overcome Fears and Phobias and it has made such a difference to me. I started suffering panic attacks back in February due to a lack of mobility and a fear that I would fall over or collapse whilst out of the house. Medication was giving me a small amount of relief, but your CD has made all the difference and gave me back the confidence to start going out again. Recently I have been able to walk over the railway bridge at our local train station, something that I have not been able to do for ages. I am now feeling confident enough to start slowly coming off the medication." *
Karen Parkhurst (UK)
"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have suffered with chronic insomnia for years...pills, doctors, you name it...I believe that I must own every CD ever made. Glenn Harrold has changed my life with his incredible Deep Sleep cd. I have slept generally well since the first night I used it, and my whole emotional, physical, etc, states are transformed. Depression and despair gone, I can laugh with friends, have a normal life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have forwarded the link for your site to many friends." *
Rebecca Collins (USA)
"25/06/03 – Your wonderful Stop Smoking tape has stopped me smoking - the only thing that's worked in the two years I've been trying to stop the horrible habit! Not only that, but I bought two more, one each for two of my smoking friends, and one of them has also stopped (the other's being a wimp and refuses to try it till 'the time is right':-)) So THANK YOU and thank you to Mr Harrold for giving me back my life:-))" *
Maggi (Wales)
"Dear Sir/Madam, Firstly I would like to thank you; I have three of your hypnosis CDs (Develop self-confidence, unleash your potential and develop a powerful memory) and have really enjoyed using them these past six months. In all sincerity I can say that they are helping me to be the person I was born to be and to live the life I was born to live. Once again thank you." *
Sandra Conway (UK)
"Dear Mr Harrold, All I can say is "Wow! Thank you!" Your "Deep Sleep" CD arrived about ten days ago and I'm using it every night. Not only am I an insomniac, I also have Night Terrors. You'd think I'd be past that, but no. The CD works great for getting me to sleep. Please let me know when your new titles come out. Even better, if you ever do a CD concerning Night Terrors, I'd be the first to buy it." *
Pax, Ruth Dupré (Fort Worth TX 76126 USA)
“I have several Glenn Harrold cds and think that they are excellent. Please feel free to use my comments with or without my name. I love your cds and always feel so well after listening to them. I have ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it is now called) and become so very fatigued during the day. but after a half hour session with 'you' :-) I am ready to tackle the world again." *
Carole Stancer (UK)
"I am writing to compliment you on producing the best hypnosis tapes and CD's I have ever heard. The music alone is relaxing enough, the subliminal messages are a bonus..." *
Rona Betts, Brisbane, Australia
"Many thanks for the complete relaxation CD which i have used with good effect to aid my anxiety and stress levels. Glenn Harrold is a very talented therapist who achieves results in an easy to access medium. Many thanks again to Glenn Harold." *
Stephen Goddard - Ipswich (UK)
"Hello, I ordered a hypnosis CD for overcoming the fear of flying, two weeks ago and I have been listening to it every evening as I am drifting off to sleep. Glenn's voice and the way he speaks is hypnotic and very relaxing. He has performed a miracle with me because I am actually looking forward to my flight to Florida in the summer, instead of feeling ill with dread. I will also be taking the CD on the plane with me so hopefully I will spend the whole flight in a trance like state! Thank you so much for your unbelievable speed of delivery too." *
Juliette Bray (UK)
"I purchased the Think Positively CD and I just LOVE it! Having battled negative thoughts for so long, I was surprised that it made a real difference so quickly for me. With the positive outlook I have now, things have been turning around for me at a record pace. Thank you for such quality products! Keep up the great work!" *
Stephanie Hawkins (USA)
"Dear Glenn, I have used "A Guided Meditation" CD each night before I go to bed because I suffer from depression, panic attacks and insomnia - or should I say I did. Although after looking at your site probably not the best one to buy I must say it is absolutely brilliant and has helped me a lot. Thank you" *
Keith London (Kent UK)
"Your tapes have been an unending source of co-creative power in my life... I get all my tapes from a little shop in the town where I live ... I already have 12 or your tapes, and use them every morning and every evening... many Blessings to you for all that goes into this Spiritual Light Work..." *
Love Rachel (Galway, Southern Ireland)
"I just thought I'd let you know that out of all the self help tape that I have purchased it seems yours is the best. I have been listening to your tapes daily and am very happy with the results." *
Adebola (UK)
"Just to say what a great product your Think Positively CD is. I'd been really struggling with moods of emptiness and just plain grumpiness which I'd been unable to shift despite my best efforts. So I tried your CD for two weeks without telling anyone and just to see what might happen if I approached it with an open mind. Without wishing to sound like one of those people who sound almost suspiciously over enthusiastic, I can honestly say that I felt better after just two listens. I then asked my partner if she had noticed anything different about me in the last two weeks. Without hesitation she replied that I seemed far happier! I've just purchased your health CD in the hope that it can help a 20 year rhinitus problem. If it cures that I'll definatley believe in miracles!" *
Martin Lawson (UK)
"Glenn, May I take the opportunity to congratulate you on such a professional and fantastic range of self hypnosis tapes and CD's. As someone who has become very interested in self help and hypnosis I have been conducting a great deal of personal research. I have used your lose weight now and improve your memory CD and tape to great effect. Once again thanks for your series and congratulations on combining your love of music with such a therapeutic tool." *
Kindest regards, Wayne Baker (UK)
"Hi, I'm from Ontario Canada, and I just wanted to comment on your tapes, I have two of them Create financial abundance and Learn how to Think Positively. They are the most absolute incredible tapes I have ever listened to, and I've listened to dozens of tapes from other companies (worthless!!!). On your financial one your affirmations and script are perfect, but I must say your positive thinking one is even more powerful it just puts me under the deepest hypnosis, and my mental out look and positive attitude on life has skyrocketed. I'm very shocked how fast it is working, it has that powerful ability to put me right under in a deep trance. I'm really looking forward to your future material." *
John Stergiopoulos - Ontario Canada
"I don't know how I found you but I'm so glad I did. My life was turned upside down a few months ago destroying not only my confidence but my belief in myself and my values. Your tapes have continually motivated me, giving me strength and encouragement and the wonderful thing is I can take them with me anywhere I go, listening to you at anytime of the day or night - I just can't thank you enough." *
Patricia (UK)
"Hi, I am just letting you know that i got your tape 'complete relaxation' and it has been fantastic, i have been suffering with really bad anxiety since the birth of my daughter in 2000 i had medication for 6 months and was fine last year i started with it again and back on the antidepressents been on them for 10 months now have tried to come off them but was ill again with your tapes im hoping to come off them and try to lead a normal life. Thanks very much!" *
Michelle Charsley (UK)
"I have recently received your self confidence cd. May i say 'bravo'! It is awesome! I have listened to it every day for the last week and the results compound every time. After the first time i listened to the cd, i had a business meeting and afterwards it suddenly hit me just how much better my performance was. I had better clarity of thought, was able to articulate my thoughts better and overall had more confidence. At the time it just felt normal, it wasn't until afterwards i realised it wasn't, and I have Mr Harrold to thank for it !! I am now busy recommending these recordings to all my closest friends!! Thanks again." *
Lee Bennett - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Since I have personally listened to several of the titles I can honestly tell customers how brilliant these tapes are. The voice is very soothing and non intimidating" *
Debbie, Manager/Buyer - Shiva MBS shop, Greenwhich. London
"Dear Glen, I have been into listening to motivation/relaxation tapes for about 15 years & as you can imagine I now have quite a few. I recently acquired 2 of your tapes - Complete Relaxation & Think Positively & they are among the best that I ever heard. Being English they are far more down to earth, believable & able to follow. I absolutely adore your funfair in your 'Positive Thinking' tape, it is so easy to imagine all your concepts & is so different to all the usual 'Garden' & 'beach' ideas. I like this one so much I play it when I am doing boring jobs around the house & let my mind drift. Thank you!" *
June Golding, Australia
"I would like to say I have bee using the tapes for anxiety and confidence, I honestly cannot believe how much effect the tapes are having on me. Well done and I think you are the best i have ever tried." *
Tracy Goodyear (UK).
“Dear Mr. Harrold, I am writing to express my gratitude to you for making such an excellent recording available. I received the tapes I ordered from you over the internet (Cincinnati,Ohio) in about seven days. Fine service indeed. But, the content of the tapes is even better than your quick service. I have dabbled in self hypnosis for over twenty years, but I believe I went deeper on my first listening of your wonderful recording than ever before. My first reaction to the recording was WOW!!!. You are truly talented. My hat is off to you on your truly remarkable achievement. When I read on the tape's jacket that you produced this recording in it's entirety I was astonished. I would like to order more tapes from you... thank you again for making such a wonderful product available to the world." *
Warren L. McClellan Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
"Just to let you know there's been an unbelievable dramatic improvement in a very severe long standing phobia problem I have had for many years after using your fears and phobias tape for one 50 minute session." *
John King - Stockton-on-Tees, UK
"Your Tape is a MASTERPIECE right from Start to Finish. I esp love the panning effect from left to right and the words on the tape. The Content really made me feel HEAVENLY. No Wonder your tapes are Best-Sellers! Yesterday I called 5 of my Friends home and they all listened to your tape one by one. I was anxious as to what their response would be well, I saw 5 Happy, Smiling Faces with a Thumbs-Up sign-They Loved the Contents and wanted to buy the tape for themselves-I have given them your Website address. One of my friends is into selling Hypnosis tapes here in my city, Cochin. He listened to your tape and told me that this is the Best tape he has ever heard." *
Shahid Hyder Khatai - Cochin, INDIA
"I am staggered by the sales of your tapes. They are my Best selling line" *
Julia Gardners, MBS Product Buyer - Waterstone's Booksellers, Winchester.
"Hello! - I wanted to say a personal thanks to Glenn Harold for the wonderful tapes he has produced and the positive effect they have had on my life. I think he has a lovely voice too - tapes I've listened to before have had rather strange voices, Upper Class or weird and American, but Glenn's voice is lovely. It's probably because I'm a Londoner that I can relate to his voice but nonetheless, whatever the reason, the fact is that his tapes have helped me a lot! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you" *
Mary - London. UK
"Dear Dr.Harrold, Your DEEP SLEEP tape is astonishing.. as heavy as anaesthetic and so very soothing. I slept and dreamed a very lucid dream during the first tryout. Your voice is amazing!! Are you stage trained? It is the MOST seductive/ hypnotic voice that I have ever heard. Is the same audio available in CD format? It is not listed as CD on your online order system, and I really would love to buy one. Please advise me about how to do so. Best wishes, and thank You again for a great first night's sleep and dreams!" *
Robert Willis (New York)
"Your tapes were our best selling tapes last year" *
Richard Cawker, Product Buyer - Waterstone's Booksellers, Princes St, Edinburgh.
“I have recently ordered some self hypnosis cds and tapes from you. I have only started on the "Think Positive CD" and it has helped me immensely. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.I am already starting to view the world in a more positive light. Keep up the good work.” *
Arthur Lai (Malaysia)
"Glenn, I have just placed another order with you for 3 additional tapes. Your quit smoking tape has had the desired effect & absolute success for over a month now! I can't imagine ever smoking even a celebratory cigar ever again!" *
A Russell-Bishop (UK)
"Good morning - I just wanted to thank you for the CD’s which arrived this morning – brilliant service – so speedy. Still feeling wonderful – thank you." *
Karen Kebby (UK)
"I am just thrilled with my weight loss tape. I listen to it every night and every morning. The very first time I used it, my thoughts were different the following day. I didn't see food and automatically want it. I now have a take it or leave it attitude about deserts and I do not feel deprived at all. I have wanted this kind of an attitude all my life. Up to now, it has been a battle between my will and my wants and my wants always won. On the way home from work that first day, I thought "I'm going to stop and buy some quart bottles of water." Bottled water used to stay in the fridge for months, but I have been drinking much more water than I did before. It feels too good to be true. Good going! I hope to order some more tapes for friends and in other areas for myself." *
Beatrice Kenney (USA)
"If the student is serious about learning to relax, then I would recommend listening to this series of tapes in the privacy of his own cell while the wing is quiet. They have made an impact on my attitude towards thinking and behaviour towards others." *
Prisoner (Name witheld) - Library, Milligan Prison, Northern Ireland
“Your tapes have sold very well. I think they are brilliant and I always recommend them to our customers" *
Jenufa Harris, MBS Product Buyer - Waterstone's Booksellers, Brighton.
“A customer who had been bereaved hadn’t slept for 3 months came in to thank me for recommending your sleep tape. She had her first full nights sleep adding she was deep asleep after 10 minutes. I also get excellent reports regarding the effectiveness of the Lose Weight and Stop Smoking tapes" *
Dawn Hardy, proprietor Sacred Moon, Shrewsbury.
“On behalf of all of us I would like to say thank you for the work you have done to create such a positive impact on people's lives" *
Yours Faithfully, Kate Mayer (Bristol UK)
“Dear Sir or Madam, Your tapes are an inspiration and have done many positive things to improve my life..." *
J. Linden (London)
“Your tapes are doing well. Very well in fact, I’ve only had them on display a few days and we’ve already sold most of them." *
Nelson Kumah, MBS Buyer - Books Etc, Hammersmith
“Dear Mr Glen, When I was last in England I bought some of your hypnotherapy cassettes and I think they are terrific!!!! I really feel fantastic when I hear them. Thanks for making it so easy for everyone to have this beautiful experience in our own house!" *
Yioula Tingirides (Cyprus)
“Your tapes have sold brilliantly in the few weeks we’ve had them. I am very pleased with them and would like to order more." *
Penny Bullock, Manager - Ottakar’s Bookstore, Slough.
“Hiya, Just to say I had my tape in the post yesterday. I had a listen last night and it's just as brilliant as the other one I have. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!" *
Cara (Wales)