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Cosmic Ordering – Law Of Attraction

What Is Cosmic Ordering?

Women reaching to skyOur universe is abundant and you may share in all this abundance if you choose to accept it is your birthright to do so. Cosmic ordering is also known as The Law Of Attraction. This is a universal law, which applies to anyone who wishes to study and follow it. Cosmic Ordering is a really simple process of identifying something you desire or need in your life and then simply placing the order with the cosmos by asking for it. It is a way of working with positive thinking and creative energy to allow wonderful and amazing things into your life.

How does it work?

You visualize in as much detail as you can, what it is you desire and hold that request in your mind without worry or attachment to the outcome, and then with intention, release it to the cosmos. The cosmic ordering service should then be left to deliver your order in its own creative way. It is important not to get too hooked on how your desire should manifest, as the cosmos can often manifest for you in the most unexpected and surprising way. It is important that you allow this by releasing any attachment to how you think the outcome needs to be achieved.

Think of it this way – if you placed an order from a catalogue you wouldn’t then worry about how the goods would be delivered, you would just wait for them to arrive, so place your order and forget about it, let the cosmos do it’s magical work and sort out all the details for you.
Our thoughts are powerful and creative. Cosmic ordering is about harnessing that positive energy and using it to help realize your dreams and goals.

Women reaching to the skyWhat can I ask for?

Anything your heart desires, but always remember to ask for “this or something better, through grace”. Always ask with positivity, openness and ease, without attachment to the outcome. You may request, a new home, a soul mate, money, healing, health, a new car – be as creative in your desires as you wish, it can be small things or large things, it’s your list to update and amend as you want to. Start by asking for small things for example a parking space, or a seat on the train in the rush hour. It is best not to ask for too many things at once and to be thankful and grateful whenever a wish is delivered.

Does it work for everyone?

The cosmos does not discriminate, it delivers to those who ask and believe, but the process can be hampered by negativity or closed thinking and being anxious will close the energy off. A person may be blocking the delivery of their orders by not truly believing and accepting they are worthy of receiving. Work will need to be done in this case on self-esteem, self worth and confidence in their own ability to manifest. Sometimes people just need to practice ordering small things to begin with to build confidence in the process. 


Decide What You Want

"Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it!" This phrase needs to be considered, as cosmic ordering is indeed very powerful. Make lists and really think things through. You can cancel and modify orders but don’t confuse the cosmos with too may differing requests, be very clear. For example it’s not a good idea to ask for a new home when you live in one area and you the inherit one in another country! A great result but not exactly the one you were asking for, so be specific.

Make Your Orders Positive

It is important to be positive, state your order in the present tense and make it personal to you. Make sure your orders come from an open and loving heart. It does not work in your favour to wish for things for others that are vengeful or negative.

How To Order

This is personal to each person, someone may wish to light a candle state their wish aloud like a prayer, some write the wish down or do some kind of ritual to add power to an order, it really does not matter, it is whatever works for you. It will also depend on how you see your connection to the universe. When placing your order let the phrases you use resonate with every cell in your entire being. If you are familiar with meditation and self-hypnosis you may even use a trance state when placing your order. A really great way to create the desired vibration for ordering is to remember how it felt as a child to blow out the candles on your birthday cake and make a wish. To place a cosmic order, just induce that same child like belief that your wish will come true. Generating this absolute belief is very powerful thought process and a wonderful way to generate the universal energy required to place your order.

Trust The Process

Trusting in the process is probably the most important factor. To build up your level of trust start by asking for the small things and build up, just as a weight lifter would work up to lifting heavier weights, you have to build your “Cosmic energy muscle” and connection. This takes time when you first start. Once you understand how Cosmic ordering works you can place your order and leave it to the cosmos to deliver it to you in the best possible way. Believe you deserve it and relax about time. Do not demand “ I need this by…” allow the cosmos to deliver it to you when it is ready. Funnily enough if there is a time constraint things usually show up in good time anyway, but trust is the key.

Trust Your Intuition

Sometimes the cosmos will present opportunities to you as part of delivering your order, trust your intuition and be ready to take opportunities that present themselves to you.

Believe In Yourself - You Deserve It

Our planet is abundant and you are part of that abundance. Everyone deserves a wonderful life. Believe and accept that you do deserve all the goodness the universe has to offer on all levels of your being. Whenever you place an order KNOW that you deserve it. If you have a core belief of not being worthy, you will need to work at releasing this, as the Cosmos resonates with the truth of your being, so everything needs to be congruent.


It is so important to say thank you when one of your cosmic orders shows up. Celebrate and say “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Feel this gratitude with every cell in your body, just as you did when you placed your order.

When you recognise success and acknowledge it this will reinforce the process and reinforce your belief in this amazing magical service. It’s free to anyone who wants to use it and it really works so rejoice and be hugely thankful! Good luck with all your orders, and remember “Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it!”

By Aly Harrold

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