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Connecting with Angels

Connecting with Angels

Essential Foundation Work

If you’ve never tried to connect with your Angels, here are a few tips to help you.  Firstly, look for areas in your life which can be quietened down. When you are preparing food, do you prepare it with the sound of television or radio in the back-ground? Do you watch television in bed? I can’t stress the importance of allowing quiet times into your life. Look at it this way… you wouldn’t be able to listen to two television or radio channels at the same time and be able to absorb all the information the broadcasters are giving you. You would reach a point where you had to turn one off, in order to fully understand the information you were being given in the other. It’s the same with spiritual guidance – how can you connect with the frequency of Angels or Spirit Guides if your life is continually bombarded with noise. 

Secondly, begin to notice your body language and the quality of your breath. Whether you are travelling to work or taking the children to school, be aware of how your body feels. Are your shoulders hunched up around your ears, is your jaw clenched tight, how does the roof of your mouth feel? Often, when we are tense we tighten the inside of our mouths and push the tongue into the roof of the mouth. Just begin to notice how your body reacts to stress on a daily basis.

At the same time you are checking your body language, notice the quality of your breath. Relax your breathing and slow it down a little. Notice how your tummy rises with the in-breath and drops back towards the spine with the out-breath. If you find this difficult, find a really soothing piece of music to listen to – something which really opens your heart – sit or lie down in a comfortable place and practice this relaxed way of breathing for a while. Each time your attention wanders, just gently bring your focus back to the breath. This is a great way to stay present and receptive.

Instead of watching TV whilst preparing family meals, play some beautiful soft music, the kind of music which nurtures your Soul. This food preparation time can be a meditation in itself. Really think about your food as you prepare it - say thank you for all the goodness you will receive from it. I guarantee your meal will taste fantastic if you prepare it in this way – as an act of Love.

Spend time in nature, whether it is a walk around a park or just sitting in the garden for a while. Watch the birds and butterflies. Notice how the flowers sway in the breeze……Listen to the rustle of the trees, the gentle hum of a bee - nature has so much to teach us about just “being”. We spend so much time thinking about everything except what is happening NOW and believe me there is Joy to be discovered by being in the moment.

These tips seem almost too simple but quietening down your life will put you into a more receptive state. You will notice more with your eyes, you will notice more with your ears and you will develop a keener awareness of vibrational changes. Have you ever had a feeling of such intense gratitude and love that your skin shudders, or have you had the feeling that someone has just touched your hair…chances are that an Angel is by your side just waiting for you to begin a communication with them.

Beginning a dialogue with Angels

Now you have begun to slow down and are living your life more mindfully in the NOW, start talking to the Angels – they are waiting there in the wings (no pun intended) and are there to help you whenever you need it but you must ASK.

Here are some examples of how they love to help you:
It is perfectly okay to ask them to find you a parking space by saying

The Angels love to be called to your side to help you in your daily life, but gratitude is key, so always remember to thank them for their help.

When turning right onto a busy road or merging on to a motorway, say

You will be amazed at how the road clears to let you out safely. If the sound of emergency vehicles makes you feel anxious for all the people involved, as it does with me, ask the Angels to be on call and ALWAYS accompany emergency vehicles to the scene of the accident, to help the injured, to assist the emergency workers and to give strength to families and loved ones.

You can ask the Angels, particularly Archangel Michael to surround your loved ones (and their vehicles) in his blue light of protection, courage and strength.

If you have a particularly busy day ahead, ask the Angels to be by your side to help the day run smoothly. If you are experiencing conflict with a colleague or another person who it’s necessary to have dealings with, ask your Guardian Angel to work with their Guardian Angel to resolve the situation in an easy, relaxed way for the highest good of all. I have found this has worked SO well in my life because I have been able to drop any fear I might have been experiencing and trust in the work of each of our Guardian Angels. Also, being aware of the presence of the Angels has enabled me to look more compassionately at the person concerned and actually “see them in a different light”. I can’t recommend this tip highly enough.

It is equally important to ask Archangel Zadkiel for help in forgiving ourselves. Sit quietly, take your awareness into your breathing and when you are feeling relaxed ask “Archangel Zadkiel, please help me to forgive myself for any hurt which I may have caused either knowingly or unknowingly to ………………………………… Please enfold us in your Violet Light so that we both experience the spiritual experience and freedom of forgiveness. Thank You” Remain relaxed, open your heart and visualise Archangel Zadkiel’s violet ray surrounding you both. If negative thoughts up come for you, acknowledge them and hand them over to Archangel Zadkiel for transformation and healing.

Finally, last thing at night as you settle down, call upon your Guardian Angel to enfold you in his/her Light as you sleep. You can ask your Angel to give you their name and you may find a name enters your mind almost before you have even finished asking the question. Accept whatever name is given to you and TRUST. Notice how you are feeling… you should feel peaceful and safe and as you strengthen your connection with your Guardian Angel, you will begin to recognise when he or she is around you during the daytime. Don’t worry if you don’t get a name straight away – your Angel may choose to give this to you in a dream. 

By Jan Yoxall

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