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Energy Protection by Jerri Doran

Morning Prayer for Shield

Archangel Michael, I ask that all negative energy that is created by my feelings, emotions, mind and my ego be deflected by my shield down into the mineral kingdom to be dissolved in the light.

 I ask that only that which is for my highest good be allowed to enter or exit my shield. Anything that is not for my highest good will simply catch in the spider-web of the shield for you to remove and transform back to the light. Please keep my shield at 100% strength and perfection. Thank you.

Daily Prayer to return your energy, clear your field and provide protection.

I ask Archangel Michael and his helpers of the white light to cast a net of light through my field to remove anything that is around or attached to me that is not for my highest good.  I ask that you immediately take this energy where it needs to go.  Thank you.

You may want to visualize a grid of light combing your energy field and body. It might look like a fishing net) Imagine it is taking with it anything that is there that is not for your highest good.  As this net is moved through your field by Michael and his helpers know that it is removing anything that is not for you highest good.

After this process, ask to be surrounded by a bubble of loving white light from AA Michael and his helpers of the white light, and visualize this bubble. When you are in a situation that is negative or difficult, or know you will be interacting with someone or something that could potentially be challenging, ask Michael to energize the bubble, by mentally stating ‘Shield strong!’, and then know that it is so.

Cutting Cords

I ask Great Spirit, and my Guides, Angels and Helpers of the white light to assist me in cutting cords.  Please cut all cords going to me or from me, that are attached to any person, place, animal, thing or situation that no longer serve my highest good.  Cut these cords with unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, gentleness and ease.  Thank you.

(You may find it helpful stand in front of a mirror while you do this process. It may be reinforced by using a cutting motion with your arm down the front of your body.  You may also close your eye and visualize in your mind’s eye a sword cutting these cords.)

Credit: Jerri Doran