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Information on hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy and will I lose control and do crazy things like I have seen on TV?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most groundbreaking therapies for facilitating profound change in people’s lives. Whether someone desires to quit smoking, lose weight, achieve success, improve their sleep, develop their confidence, or deal with childhood issues in an unintrusive way, hypnotherapy is a powerful way to get quick and amazing results.

It is an aid for personal development, problem resolution, and self-healing.

Hypnotherapy utilises the power of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the setting for creativity, imagination, and human potential. It is the part of you that drives a car or walks to the shop even though your mind is wandering to other places. It is also the place where negative, limiting beliefs and old patterns are stored. This is why even when you desperately want to improve yourself; you just keep playing out that old, unfulfilling script.

Fortunately hypnosis can speak the language of this infinitely powerful, yet often draining part of the mind. With the use of language, communication, sound, or imagery, one is guided into a trance where the unconscious mind can be accessed.

In this state of deep relaxation, healing and transformation can easily take place. Because of this connection to the unconscious mind, you can break free from negative ways of thinking and being that have been keeping you hindered from your ultimate capacities. Our possibilities as human being are endless when the unconscious mind is skilfully tapped into and worked with.

The outdated picture of lying on a couch while someone dangles a clock above your face as you drift off to Neverland while the therapist has complete control over you is fortunately beginning to change as more people experience the benefits of this valuable therapy.

And most of us have seen the stage hypnotist make some guy run around mooing like a cow or doing some other ridiculous act. While this can be entertaining, it has nothing to do with hypnotherapy.

During a hypnotherapy session, you are in complete control. If you choose to wake up, you just open your eyes. No one is going to make you do anything against your will. You are fully conscious of your surroundings, and in many cases your senses are heightened.

Anyone can enjoy the results of hypnotherapy. It is really just an “accelerated meditation” to get us into a calm state so we can cope more efficiently and joyfully with life. And now, with modern technology, we don’t need to be reliant on a therapist to help us achieve our dreams. In fact we don’t even need to leave our own home. Just put on your headphones on a regular basis, and watch as the positive changes begin to take place.