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Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is an author, musician and experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of clients over a wide range of stress related problems. He has combined his hypnotherapy skills with an extensive recording knowledge to produce a uniquely effective series of high quality hypnosis recordings that have sold over 8 million and are well established as the UK's best selling self-help audio titles of all time.

Glenn also writes self-help books for Orion in the UK and McGraw Hill in the USA and produces hypnotherapy CDs for BBC audiobooks and his own company Diviniti Publishing Ltd.

Glenn’s best selling hypnosis CD, Complete Relaxation, has been at Number 1 in the self-help audio chart every year for the last 7 years, and in 2006 was awarded a gold disc for sales of over £250,000.

Glenn’s has 20 years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist in one to one therapy sessions, and in recent years he has worked with many high profile and celebrity clients. In May 2011 he was made a fellow of the British School of Clinical Hypnosis for his achievements in the world of hypnotherapy.

The UKs best selling Self Help Audio Author.

Glenn receiving a gold-disc for his Complete Relaxation title from Richard Knight of Nielsen Book Data.


Before becoming a hypnotherapist, Glenn was a performing and recording musician who spent many years making a living playing guitar in bars and clubs. In his teens as a punk rocker he played the bass in a band called The Vagrants who morphed into the Sugar Ray Five. In 1983 they won £10,000 in the BBC1 national Battle of the Bands. They were then signed to a major label, released a couple of singles and appeared on various TV shows, but alas their all too brief taste of success came and went like Halley’s Comet.

1983 Television Interview

After turning his back on the hedonistic world of rock and roll in search of a ‘proper job’, Glenn eventually found his vocation as a hypnotherapist. He began producing his first hypnosis tapes in the late 1990’s, primarily to help support his clients. His passion for hypnotherapy combined with an extensive recording knowledge enabled him to produce unique, high quality hypnosis recordings.

Andrea McLean Testimonial


“When I released my first tapes in 1997 I had no master plan other than a genuine desire to make the most effective tapes possible. Much to my delight and amazement the tapes sold well from the first day that I sold them into a local chemist store. I literally used to drive round to a number of local stores selling them for a fiver a piece on sale or return!”

“I still get a real kick that so many people from all over the world enjoy my recordings and get help from them. I feel I’ve done okay for a kid who was kicked out of school at 15! It just shows the power of a positive frame of mind.”

BBC Breakfast Interview


Glenn Harrold


“I will be away in South America for the early part of 2014 spending time at a Shamanic retreat. However, I do have a number of new audio titles in the pipeline which I will be recording on my return to the UK. My seventh book (number five for Orion) called “The Answer”, which was released in January 2012 on Hardback is now out on paperback.

I am also adding to my list of Hypnosis Apps for iOS and Android. My Apps are now being downloaded at the rate of 100,000 per month which amazes me; it’s a long way from when I used to deliver my cassettes to local shops. I am amazed that my Apps have been so successful there in such a short space of time, but then I am part of the same App stable as Eckhart Tolle so I am in very good company!"

“I have also been writing and recording new and old songs of mine and plan to release this title very soon.

It is a song called All Of My Heart that I wrote 20 years ago and recently re-recorded it with a session team in California. The singer’s name is Brian and he has done a great job on this track. Feel free to leave a comment on soundcloud and check out my other songs there."

“I also recently had a dance song signed up by an Italian dance label. The song is called Transparency and it is available on iTunes in various mixes."

Eckhart Tolle

"This year I have been doing lots of one to one hypnotherapy sessions helping with various phobias, addictions, weight issues and anxiety problems. I have also been working with a number of celebrity clients and had many cases featured in the press."

“The most rewarding aspect of my hypnotherapy work is the many emails, phone calls, and thank you letters I get from people all over the world who have been helped by using my CD's and downloads. My aim is to continue to develop the art of making hypnosis recordings, and to create products that have genuine healing qualities.”

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