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Awaken & Ascend - MP3 Download

Awaken & Ascend - MP3 Download
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Move beyond the mind and self-identity and connect to a sense of pure bliss.


  • Glenn's highly acclaimed meditation techniques guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.
  • Includes a 52-minute sleep ending track, plus a shorter 24-minute version.
  • Background sound effects recorded at certain frequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep trance effect.
  • 8D hypnotic echoed affirmations, which pan in front of you, then behind you, above you and below you, as well as panning across both hemispheres helping you to absorb the affirmations deeply.
  • Sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect. 
  • Combines relaxing meditation techniques with a state of the art digital recording technology.

Awaken & Ascend (MP3 Download)

This recording is a spiritual awakening meditation to help you achieve higher states of consciousness. It will help you move beyond the mind and self-identity and connect to a sense of pure bliss that comes from living in your heart. In this blissful state you will feel a sense of oneness and true spiritual alignment. It will help you to remember that you are a spiritual being living in a physical body. Reaching a state of spiritual alignment can help you achieve deep inner peace and enlightenment which will affect everything you do in your life.

The full 52-minute meditation guides you through each of your seven chakras with a sound tuned to each one and affirmations relating to each chakra. You are then guided to activate your energy body by imagining you are breathing light through all seven chakras and feeling the energy flowing freely through each one. Each section of the meditation uses different pieces of music.

Chakra Affirmations:

  • I am strong and centred
  • I feel creative and inspired
  • I accept myself completely
  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I give and receive love easily
  • I communicate clearly and confidently
  • I have great intuition, vision and awareness
  • I am intuitive and perceptive
  • I am aware and enlightened
  • I have great wisdom and knowledge

You are then guided to become aware of the heavens and the stars above you and the earth below you and imagine these energies flowing into your heart. At this point you are guided to open up to the possibility that you are a living part of this divine consciousness, and that you have chosen to be here on earth at this time with your own agreement that you have to fulfil on behalf of this divine consciousness.

The affirmations in this meditation are in 8D sound. So when you listen through headphones it will feel at times the affirmations are in front of you, then behind you, above you and below you, as well as panning across both hemispheres. It is very dreamy and helps you to absorb the affirmations deeply as the effect engages your feelings.

Affirmations & Subliminal Suggestions:

  • I am a conscious being of light
  • I love and respect myself unconditionally
  • I am at one with the divine
  • I am full of knowledge and wisdom

The meditation helps you to recognise that you are part of the divine and your life on earth is a part of a something bigger than just yourself. You will also connect with feelings of gratitude, humility, spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

At the end you will hear uplifting post hypnotic suggestions that will remind you that you are a spiritual being on an incredible journey, and that this is a heroic incarnation.

MP3 Track Listing:
1. Awaken & Ascend (sleep ending) 52:00 mins
2. Awaken & Ascend (short version) 24:50 mins

The longer track has a sleep ending and will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making it ideal for night time use. However, it can be used at any time.

Awaken & Ascend MP3 ISBN: 9781908321534

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