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Chakra Awakening Meditation - MP3 Download

Chakra Awakening Meditation - MP3 Download
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This meditation will help to awaken, revitalise, and energise your Chakras.


  • Glenn's highly acclaimed meditation techniques guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.
  • Background sound effects recorded at certain frequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep trance effect.
  • 8D echoed affirmations, which pan in front of you, then behind you, above you and below you, as well as panning across both hemispheres helping you to absorb the affirmations deeply.
  • Sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect. 
  • Combines relaxing meditation techniques with a state of the art digital recording technology.

Chakra Awakening Meditation (MP3 Download)

The meditation will help to awaken, revitalise and energise your Chakras.

There are seven chakras aligned with your physical body and two more that are outside your body. The eighth and ninth chakras relate to your soul and your connection to the divine. In this meditation we will work on cleansing and balancing all nine chakras.

Your chakras are swirling disks of energy that rotate clockwise three to four inches outside your body. When your chakras are clean and vibrating at their original purity, you will feel healthy, alive and radiant. As you work through each chakra you naturally become more connected to your spiritual self.

The recording also encourages you to expand your consciousness, open your heart and connect with a divine sense of bliss. At the end of the recording there is a grounding section to help you reintegrate and feel secure.

“Now become aware of the heavens and the stars above you… that hold great spiritual energy… and using your breath once again… imagine a pure white healing light… coming down from the cosmos… bring this energy down through your crown chakra… and into your body… and through each chakra… and know that this light is activating your energy body… illuminating your energy body… in a safe way… take a moment to do this now...

...and you may feel a sense of bliss as you do this… as you connect all chakras you create a healing energy within your body… which will continue working long after you have finished listening to this recording…”

Affirmations and subliminal suggestions relating to each chakra include:

  • • I am secure and grounded
  • • I have abundant creative energy
  • • I accept myself completely
  • • I give and receive love easily
  • • I freely express my thoughts and feelings
  • • I have clear vision and intuition
  • • I have an abundance of wisdom and knowledge


MP3 Track Listing:
1. Chakra Awakening Meditation Full Version (sleep ending) 72:19 mins
1. Chakra Awakening Meditation Short Version (sleep ending) 72:19 mins
1. Chakra Awakening Meditation Subliminal Version (sleep ending) 72:19 mins
1. 90 Second Pick Up Track (awake ending) 01:30 mins

Please note: At the end of the first three tracks you will be gently guided into a deep sleep, making this recording ideal for night-time use.

Chakra Awakening Meditation MP3 ISBN: 9781908321640

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