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Self-Hypnosis Cure for the Phobia of Wasps (Spheksophobia) - eBook

Self-Hypnosis Cure for the Phobia of Wasps (Spheksophobia) - eBook
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Wasp Phobia eBook Only - £7.99
Wasp Phobia eBook PLUS Overcome Phobias MP3 - £14.99

The Ultimate Wasp Phobia Cure in 2 Easy Steps:

  • Step one of this guide will help you completely free yourself from any fear or anxiety around wasps.
  • The second part of the guide will then help you to feel calm and composed whenever you see a wasp.
  • Just as you learnt to fear wasps you can easily unlearn the fear and feel positive about wasps.

Description of spheksophobia (a fear of wasps)
Spheksophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of wasps usually caused by a negative past experience. Sufferers from spheksophobia experience undue anxiety about encountering or being attacked by wasps. The phobia can become quite irrational if left untreated.

How the guide will help you to overcome spheksophobia (a fear of wasps)
The only way to completely free yourself of the fear of wasps is to re-programme your mind under self-hypnosis. It is said that the conscious part of our brain accounts for about ten percent and so if you try to make positive changes purely on a conscious level you are bound to fail.

By using self-hypnosis to break free of a negative pattern of behaviour and accept positive new conditioning in its place you are using the larger part of your unconscious mind, which is why hypnosis is so effective in overcoming phobias and creating permanent positive changes. Follow the instructions in the guide and you will free yourself from spheksophobia forever.

Professional help for the treatment of spheksophobia (a fear of wasps)
Glenn Harrold is a highly experienced professional hypnotherapist and best-selling author. His hypnosis CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps are the UK's best selling self-help audio titles of all time. He also writes self-books for Orion in the UK and McGraw Hill in the USA and produces hypnosis CDs for BBC audiobooks and Diviniti Publishing. Glenn has drawn from his past experiences and his expertise as a hypnotherapist to give you the solution you need to permanently overcome the fear of wasps.

Download the instant solution to spheksophobia
Download the 6,200 word guide and use Glenn's proven techniques to help you feel positive about wasps. This guide offers a permanent and lasting solution to all types of wasp phobia by first releasing destructive conditioning and then programming your mind to feel positive in the company of wasps.

* Disclaimer: Specific results are not guaranteed. Results may vary.