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Overcome Fears & Phobias - MP3 Download

Overcome Fears & Phobias MP3 Download
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Two high quality hypnotherapy sessions to help you overcome phobias including, heights, dentist, sickness, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, spiders, needles and more.


  • Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.
  • Background sound effects recorded at certain frequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep trance effect.
  • Hypnotic echoed backing vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a unique hypnotic effect.
  • Sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect.
  • Each track combines powerful hypnotherapy techniques with a state of the art digital recording technology.

Overcome Fears & Phobias (MP3 Download)

Overcome fears and phobias when you listen to this superb high quality hypnosis MP3 by Glenn Harrold. Overcoming all types of phobia and anxiety including the fear of heights, the dentist, sickness, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, spiders, needles, snakes, social phobia and anxiety and more. Hypnotherapy can help you to develop lasting solutions that will help you in many areas of your life. On the MP3 there are techniques that will help you to overcome any phobia or anxiety problem in a safe and natural way, free of any harmful side effects.

This recording has been very carefully scripted and constructed with the sole aim of being as effective as possible. Glenn Harrold has drawn upon his wide experience as a clinical hypnotherapist who has helped many clients overcome a wide range of common and obscure fears and phobias. The MP3 features two 27 minute hypnotherapy sessions. On both tracks you will hear a pleasant voice guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. Hypnotic echoed background vocals pan from left to right across the stereo range.

This deeply relaxing and unique effect will help you to relax further into the hypnotic trance state. You will also hear some digital sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions that compound the therapeutic effect, leaving you to experience deep relaxation and stress relief.

MP3 Track Listing:
1. Release The Fear (awake ending) 35:09
2. Taking Back Control (sleep ending) 36:08

Please note: The first track has an awake ending and will gently bring you back to full waking consciousness, making it ideal for daytime use. The second track has a sleep ending and will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making it ideal for night-time use.

Overcome Fears & Phobias Hypnosis MP3 ISBN: 9781905835232

* Disclaimer: Specific results are not guaranteed. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laughing Lady Wales
I was scared to leave home before using this...........

I had been suffering from an agoraphobic/social disorder for over a month when I got this. I was absolutely desperate because I needed to get on with my life and get back to work etc. After using it for only 5 days I was able to go out and feel strong and truly believe in myself. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

H Morgan (Amazon UK Review)
I no longer need Valium to visit the dentist!

I bought this audio as a last resort to help me get over my terrible fear of the dentist. I had a bad experience about 10 years ago which left me petrified of dentists ever since which obviously didn't help the state of my teeth!
The doctor would prescribe me valium to take 12 hours before the visit and on the day of the visit and still i would shake and cry both in the chair and the waiting room!
I listened to this for just 1 week...then i made an appointment...i listened another week and managed to drive myself to my dental check up because I hadn't needed to take Valium. I had a slight wobble in the chair the first visit but after that it got better.
I have now been over my dental phobia for 18 months and am currently undergoing treatment for 2 root canals....not for the faint hearted at the best of times, but I can happily say I am totally fine with the dentist now and it's all thanks to this fabulous recording....i would recommend to anyone and everyone! It can change your life!

John King - Stockton-on-Tees, UK
Thank you Glenn

Just to let you know there's been an unbelievable dramatic improvement in a very severe long standing phobia problem I have had for many years after using your fears and phobias recording for one 50 minute session.

Deborah Lewis, UK
I am greatly impressed with the effect this is having

I recently purchased Overcome fear and phobias, I wanted to let you know that I am greatly impressed with the effect this is having on my problem, I’ve suffered from a driving phobia fro 9 yrs and have had extensive hypnotherapy treatment twice now, since listening to this my family can see a marked improvement in my driving confidence. I can now see a light at the end of a very long tunnel!!!! many, many thanks and I will definitely be recommending you to other sufferers, peace and love, Deb

Richard, Canada
Thanks Glenn :)

Hello. I listened to "Learn to think positively" then to the 2nd track of "Overcome fears and phobias".......Awesome! At 54 year of age I have listened to many meditation, healing, etc. CD's and tapes, I have practised meditation of various forms. I have been in hypnotherapy. I have never felt so at peace with myself - so relaxed. This is wonderful. If this little taste can do this, I am really looking forward too what consistent use will produce. Thanks, Glenn. :)