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Time Just To Be - Shine - CD

Time Just To Be - Shine - CD
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Time To Just Be (CD)

This debut album by Shine is uplifting and inspirational. Soothing free-floating vocals angelically inspired, over layered sounds and mantras. The benefits of this album can be experienced through background listening or a more focussed meditative listening, or whilst practicing yoga or pilates. Tracks include: Relax And Let Go, Open Your Heart, I am The Stars, and the beautiful epic - Going Home.

Track Previews:

Shine draw influences from Electronic music styles including ambient, down tempo and Balearic rhythms & melodies entwined with strong vocal hooks. There are seven tracks conveying feelings of peace and positivity. Many of the tracks on this CD are recorded at the rate of a resting heartbeat to enhance deep feelings of relaxation. This album is fabulous for yoga, pilates and the many celebrations of mind body & spirit.

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Time To Just Be CD ISBN: 880847002425

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