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Lose Weight Now! - Book & CD

Lose Weight Now! - Book & CD
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Lose Weight Now! by Glenn Harrold

Do you hate how you feel in your own body? Is your clothing tight and have you lost the confidence you had as a slimmer person? Do you feel out of control around food? Have you tried every diet, lost weight then gained it back - and more? Then this amazing programme can help you lose weight, and change your life - for good!

As a clinically trained and highly qualified therapist, Glenn Harrold has help thousands of clients lose weight without using diets, pills or surgery. Here, he shares the secrets of how to eat what you want, when you want and still lose weight. Using Glenn's failsafe and pain free programme, the simple techniques and rules in Lose Weight Now!, and it's free download and CD, will work for you. Glenn will become your new best friend, guaranteed! So buy this book now and take the pounds off.

"I haven't wanted ANY chocolate at all, or any sugar. Unheard of for me! So it is working! Thank you Glenn" Andrea McLean (GMTV & Loose Women) See her video review above!

 Lose Weight Now! - Book & CD

224 Pages Lose Weight Now! ISBN: 9781409112730

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