The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle
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The Magic Castle (CD/MP3 Download)

‘The Magic Castle’ is a superb high quality meditation recording by Heather Bestel. Heather is a very experienced psychotherapist who has worked with children developing and building their self esteem and confidence since 1994.

This CD/MP3 is a lovely and safe way for 8-11 year old children to feel calm & confident, increasing feelings of happiness and pride and helping to build a belief in being amazing and talented. With the use of these CDs/MP3s children learn to develop their own inner resources to cope with the big, wide world. This recording includes four tracks:

1. Journey To the Magic Castle (9:10)
2. The Trophy Room (7:40)
3. The Room of Wishes & Dreams (9:07)
4. The Magic Library (10:26)

‘The Magic Castle’ is ideal for using at home: during chill out time, at bedtime, on long journeys, before exams or anytime children need to switch off and relax.

For use in school: at the beginning or end of each class, in the chill out zone, and during circle time. The CD version also includes instructions for a creative activity linked to the CD content.

To read Alison Bayne's blog post about using Heather's range of CDs click here.

The CD version of ‘The Magic Castle’ includes activity
instructions for making a 'Feelings Wish Box'


The Magic Castle Children’s Meditation CD & MP3 Download

Heather BestelHeather Bestel is a very experienced psychotherapist who has worked with children developing and building their self esteem and confidence since 1994. Put simply, Heather is a therapist and storyteller who loves working with children. She has a special kind of magic that makes people feel good about themselves.

She lives in a farmhouse on a hill in the ‘middle of nowhere’ in Scotland surrounded by beautiful countryside and no mobile phone signal. She loves: eating chocolate, getting pictures from children who love her stories, face painting and meditating magically.

You can catch her in school, at children’s festivals and online at


The Magic Castle CD ISBN: 9781905835911
The Magic Castle MP3 ISBN: 9781905835751


Sue Atkins, Author & Founder of The Positive Parents Series  

"I recommend these wonderful CDs to all parents as it is such an easy way to help children feel at peace with themselves and with one another."

Jane Wignall, Children's Workshop Leader

"Brilliant, your voice has the power to make you do nothing else but r...e...l...a...x. Fabulous. Thank you. I will use this often."

Emma, age 12 

"Magical Meditations is a lovely way to chill out. It made me feel nice and happy and relaxed, I could just float off and stay there forever."

June Robinson, UK

"My children loved listening to magical meditations 4 kids. They really crave having time out to relax and this was perfect."

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