Self-Hypnosis Cure for the Phobia of Sleep (Somniphobia)

Self-Hypnosis Cure for the Phobia of Sleep (Somniphobia)

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Hypnosis Audio SampleDeep Sleep MP3 Sample

The Ultimate Phobia Cure in 2 Easy Steps:

• Step one of this guide will help you completely free yourself from any fear or anxiety about sleep.
• The second part of the guide will then help you to feel calm and composed whenever you are preparing to sleep.
• Just as you learnt to fear sleep you can easily unlearn the fear and feel positive about sleep.

Every Hypnosis Order Includes a Free Guide to Self Hypnosis

Somniphobia definition (a fear of sleep)
Somniphobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of sleep often caused by a negative past experience. Sufferers from somniphobia experience undue anxiety about going to sleep. This phobia can become quite irrational if left untreated.

How to cure somniphobia (a fear of sleep)
Most phobias are simply learned patterns of behaviour that become anchored in the unconscious mind. The most effective way to completely free yourself of the fear of sleep is to re-programme your mind by using effective self-hypnosis methods. It is said that the conscious part of our brain accounts for about ten percent, which is why if you try to make changes purely on a conscious level you are likely to fail. By using this comprehensive self-hypnosis guide to break free of the negative pattern of behaviour and accept positive new conditioning in its place you will be using the larger part of your unconscious mind. This is why self-hypnosis is so effective in curing phobias and creating permanent positive changes. Follow the instructions in the guide and listen to the hypnosis MP3 download and you will free yourself from somniphobia forever.

Professional help for the treatment of somniphobia (a fear of sleep)
Glenn Harrold is a highly experienced professional hypnotherapist and best-selling author. His hypnosis CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps are the UK’s best selling self-help audio titles of all time. He also writes self-books for Orion in the UK and McGraw Hill in the USA and produces hypnosis CDs for BBC audiobooks and Diviniti Publishing. Glenn has drawn from his past experiences and his expertise as a hypnotherapist to give you the solution you need to permanently overcome the fear of sleep.

Download the instant solution to somniphobia
Download the 6,200 word guide and use Glenn’s proven techniques to help you feel positive about sleep. This guide offers a permanent and lasting solution to all types of sleep phobia by first releasing destructive conditioning and then programming your mind to feel positive about sleep.


Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy MP3 - Reviews

Rebecca Collins

"WOW!!!!! I have suffered with chronic insomnia for years...pills, doctors, you name it... I believe that I must own every CD ever made. Glenn Harrold has changed my life with his incredible Deep Sleep CD. I have slept generally well since the first night I used it, and my whole emotional, physical, etc, states are transformed. Depression and despair gone, I can laugh with friends, have a normal life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have forwarded the link for your site to many friends."

Alexandra Hammond (London)

"I have to tell you I'm so impressed by the Deep Sleep CD I purchased from you recently that I can't believe it. I didn't think anything would make a dent in what has been chronic insomnia but this does help more than a little. Thank you so much."

Detective Anthony La Femina, New York City Police Dept -15 Years Joint Terrorism Taskforce, Surveillance Division. Email:

"I have downloaded from iTunes - Deep Sleep, Lose Weight and stop smoking... I no longer smoke, I have lost 18 Lbs... and I have some of the best and deepest sleep ever... I swear by these CDs... What's great, is I have them on my iPod and take them everywhere... My thanks to you Mr. Harrold...and anyone who doesn't believe me can drop me an email anytime, and I will confirm this for them."

A BBC news feature detailing insomniac Anna Musgrave's quest for a good night's sleep. By Steven Shukor BBC News

"The effects (after using Glenn Harrold's Deep Sleep CD) weren't instant because of the buzz of trying something new. But since then it has worked. The major change is how I react to being woken up. I wake up but I don't have all the anxiety, anger or tension I used to feel. I just go back to sleep again. I haven't taken Night Nurse in three months. That's unheard of for me."

Review Source - Amazon (USA): A reader from Dallas, TX USA

"The best sleep hypnosis CD ever made!!! I have had insomnia for years and I must own every sleep hypnosis tape ever made, but this one is just works."

Matt Freeman

"Glenn In a nutshell, I am a magnet for stress. I am fairly successful, good at what I do, healthy, have a wonderful wife, own a big house in West Sussex and am a member of the local golf club. But. I worry. I don't sleep and on a Sunday evening I have to drink to face the week ahead. I discovered your sleep aids on i-tunes and you have restored some sense to my life. Thank you for doing what you do. If ever you are in the area I would like to shake your hand. Best wishes."

Ruth Dupre

"Hi Glenn and Aly, I love your CDs. I've used "Deep Sleep" for several years now and I don't think I've yet to make it all the way through the first track. It's better than sleeping pills-- and I was a life-long insomniac! Thanks for all the work you do. Your Deep Sleep has been a life-saver. Amazing... Kind regards."

Mrs. Helmsing (UK)

"Dear Sirs. Just a short note to say that I have found your Deep Sleep tape to be excellent. It has really worked for me. I am an elderly lady aged 77 and have been on sleeping tablets for around 35 years and was finding it impossible to come off them, but at last I have managed with the help of this marvellous recording."

Françoise Vaché (France)

"I've been using your CD "DEEP SLEEP" for several months, and go to sleep so quickly that I don't really know what's after 5 or 10 mins listening. I can't do without it. I'll use them for teaching English in a more relaxed way. Thank you so much."

Georgina Cunningham

"Dear Glenn, I downloaded "Deep Sleep" from iTunes. I had suffered very badly from insomnia and I was taking sleeping tablets. I started listening to "Deep Sleep" in bed, and initially I thought it wasn't working, but then I would fall asleep immediately after it finished. After a few nights I started falling asleep during it, and now I don't need it anymore. I actually do fall asleep when my head touches the pillow, and I've stopped taking the sleeping tablets. Your product has had a really positive effect on my life and I'd like to say thank you."

Becky Mallery

"Dear Glenn Harrold, my name is becky mallery and I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for the last three and a half years. I just wanted to send you a quick thankyou email for making the deep sleep CD. One symptom I really suffer from is frequent waking at night, which then has a knock on effect on my fatigue. I listened to your CD last night, and for the first time in about 3 years I actually slept through the night without waking! I feel so much better today after such a good night's sleep:)! Thank you again!"


"Hi Glenn, I've got several of your CDs including the deep sleep every night, the weight loss one, the self-esteem one, total relaxation one and the manifest your goals and dreams. I find them all fantastic. Listening to your CD made me nod (in the nicest possible way! ie the way it's meant to!) and kept me asleep throughout my time in bed. I recommended it to several friends and colleagues, and all who have tried it have found it invaluable. Don't ever give up - you're amazing."


Andrea McLean Testimonial

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