Lose Weight Now & Exercise and Fitness Motivation

Lose Weight Now & Exercise and Fitness Motivation

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• Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.
• Background sound effects recorded at certain frequencies and in specific keys to enhance the deep trance effect.
• Hypnotic echoed backing vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a unique hypnotic effect.
• 60 beats per minute sound effects & powerful subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect.
• Combines powerful hypnotherapy techniques with a state of the art digital recording technology.

Every Hypnosis Order Includes a Free Guide to Self Hypnosis

Lose Weight Now! (MP3 Download)

Lose Weight Now Hypnosis CD & MP3 Download

Lose weight the easy way with this superb, high quality weight loss hypnosis MP3 download by Glenn Harrold, the UK's best-selling self-help audio author. Glenn's unique hypnotherapy recording will help you to programme your mind to accept that you eat small amounts of healthy food and genuinely LOVE exercising and being active.
Losing weight is easy when your are in control of your eating habits and exercising regularly and Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques and production will help you achieve these goals in a safe and natural way.
On each hypnosis track you will be safely guided into a very deep state of mental and physical relaxation and then given multiple post-hypnotic suggestions to release any desire for sweet or fattening food, and to eat smaller amounts of healthy food instead.


Andrea McLean Testimonial


Glenn's utilises his skilled weight control hypnotherapy techniques to help you break any past negative associations with eating and dieting, which completely removes the struggle from losing weight. By taking full control of your eating habits automatically, you will begin to lose weight the best way possible - slowly and steadily. This production will help you to feel very motivated to exercise often and to remain a healthy eater forever, even after you have reached your target weight.

MP3 Track Listing:
1. Lose Weight Now (awake) 32:52
2. Lose Weight Now (sleep) 35:09
3. Lose Weight Affirmations (awake) 33:31

Please note: This MP3 version of this title includes 'awake' and 'sleep' tracks. The awake tracks are for daytime use and will gently bring you back to full waking consciousness at the end. The sleep tracks will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making them ideal for night-time use. 

Introduction music written by Glenn Harrold Individual background music pieces by Glenn Harrold and Christopher Lloyd Clarke. 


Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 ISBN: 9781905835140

Exercise & Fitness Motivation (MP3 Download)

Exercise & Fitness Hypnosis MP3

This superb high quality hypnotherapy MP3 by the UK's best selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, combines powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. There are two Hypnotherapy sessions on the MP3. Track one is a 30 minute hypnotherapy track that will help you build a powerful desire to exercise regularly by associating feelings of great pleasure and enjoyment with exercise and fitness. Track two is a 15 minute hypnosis affirmation track that can be used as a booster.

On the recording you will hear a pleasant English voice and 60 B.P.M sound effects guiding you into a deeply relaxed state of mental and physical relaxation. In this very receptive relaxed state you are given a number of post hypnotic and direct suggestions to help you to become more active in your daily life. There are also a number of background echoed affirmations, which pan from left to right in your headphones.

This deeply relaxing and powerful method of delivering multiple suggestions simultaneously to the unconscious mind can facilitate positive changes very quickly. At the end of the recording you will be gently brought back to full waking consciousness with a combination of suggestion and music.

MP3 Track Listing:
1. Develop A Powerful Motivation to Exercise (awake) 28:45
2. Exercise & Fitness Affirmations (sleep) 19:50

Please note: This MP3 version of this title the first track will gently bring you back to full waking consciousness at the end. The second track has a sleep ending and will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making it ideal for night-time use. 

This title is part of the highly successful Diviniti Publishing Hypnosis range, which has sold over 4,000,000 units and is well established as the UK’s best selling self-help audio MP3 download series.

Introduction music written by Glenn Harrold Individual background music pieces by Glenn Harrold and Christopher Lloyd Clarke.


Exercise and Fitness Motivation MP3 ISBN: 9781905835324


Patty, London

Andrea Mclean, GMTV & Loose Women

 Judith Mccafferty, Yorkshire UK

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Dr. Marilyn Shank PhD, USA

Paul Fay, UK

Janey Lee Grace - Co-presenter of the BBC 2 Steve Wright Radio Show

Euan Slater, UK

Antonia, UK

Complete Relaxation CD review by Christina Hardyment - The Times

Gabrielle Balfour

Lose Weight Now - Review in Creations Magazine, USA

Sarah Clein, UK

Bazz from Wirral, Merseyside

Carole Bedfordshire, UK 

Bea Kenney, USA

Amazon review

Amazon review

Mrs. S. Goldstone, Manchester, UK

Jeanine M. Weintz, USA

"These CD's are an easy listen filled with wonderfully phrased, motivational words. Glenn's accent is a pleasure to listen to. Places on the CD have music as well that accompanies the voice. I LOVE these CD's and own most of them. If you live in the states you may hear an occasional terminology that is not common in the U.S. (Example, in the weight series he uses a weight measurement of a 'stone' which is a British term that represents 14 pounds). This happen rarely and certainly does not detract from the message presented in any of Glenn's CD's. You can't really listen to these in the car as they are a little hypnotic so be sure you are in a stress free mind set and location when you listen to any of the CD's. I felt they were worth every penny. "

Ticvoria, UK

"I have always mistrusted the whole concept of hypnotherapy, not liking the feeling of giving up control. I bought this book on a whim in a state of some desperation, having high blood pressure and feeling no motivation to exercise whatsoever. After a few hearings though, I found myself exercising with a degree of calm pleasure at the gym. The next day I went for a short walk and was astounded at the feeling of wellbeing that rose up as I stepped out of the front door, such that I walked energetically with a broad grin on my face. I would thoroughly recommend this book. "




Andrea McLean Testimonial

Miranda Smillie Testimonial

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