Angel Meditations - Jan Yoxall Double CD Bundle

Angel Meditations - Jan Yoxall Double CD Bundle

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Angels By My Side CD

Morning and Evening Guided Meditations for Earth Angels comprises four tracks - a Morning Meditation and an Evening Meditation connecting you with the Archangels - along with two further stunning tracks (one instrumental) to guide and carry the listener through the meditation process. Jan’s tranquil voice with Bryan’s angelic harmonies and uplifting music transport the listener on a heavenly journey which is entirely suitable for those new to meditation as well as the more experienced and is truly a skin-tingling experience so obviously instigated by the Angels themselves.

Hypnosis Audio SampleAngels By My Side Sample

Jan’s heartening introduction is followed by a Morning Meditation to help you connect with Archangel Michael to guide you through your life’s purpose and with Chamuel to help you forgive yourself and others in your day. The Evening Meditation connects you with Archangel Raphael in releasing all physical, mental and emotional pain, Zadkiel for wisdom and insight and finally Archangel Uriel to illuminate your life’s path. Track Four is a beautiful inspired instrumental for serenity and peace.


Angel Meditation CD by Jan Yoxall

Angels By My Side CD ISBN: 9781901923810

Angels Of The Blue CD

This superb high quality CD by experienced therapist, healer and audio author Jan Yoxall combines deeply relaxing meditation techniques with high quality recording technology.  Angels of the Blue is the third CD in the Sacred Light Series of Angel Meditations by Jan Yoxall. Unlike the two previous titles “In the Presence of Angels” and “Angels By My Side” whose focus was on connecting with the Angels, this title will take you on a wonderful journey to meet with the dolphins and experience the healing energy and wisdom of these wonderful cetaceans.

Hypnosis Audio SampleAngels Of The Blue Sample

Guided by Jan’s voice, you will experience the magic of playing and swimming with dolphins, you will share in the joy of their unconditional love and you will discover that you can connect with healing dolphin energy at any time you wish to, by using your very own “sonar”.  Both the author and publishers have been blessed with the joy of swimming with dolphins and feel that these wonderful Beings of Light truly deserve a place in the Sacred Light Series of Angel CDs.

This CD includes three tracks. The first track is an Introduction and short personal story from Jan’s own personal experience. This track can, in due course be skipped, so that the listener may progress on to track two ‘The Dolphin Meditation’. Track three is a bonus music track “Time Heals With Grace” with beautiful music by Glenn Harrold and angelic vocals by Aly Harrold.


Angels of the Blue Meditation CD by Jan Yoxall

Angels Of The Blue CD ISBN: 9781901923827

Jan Yoxall Angel MeditationsJan Yoxall is an experienced healer, workshop presenter and therapist who is trained to Advanced Level in Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release®. In each CD in this Sacred Light Series she shares her own personal healing experiences, before guiding the listener through a blissful whole body relaxation and ultimately on an inspiring journey to connect with Angels. Jan currently presents workshops in the UK and Ireland. For more information see:


Click here to read Jan's tips and advice on connecting with angels.

Also by Jan Yoxall - a wonderful range of Childrens Meditation CDs.


Y.G. (Germany)

M.W. (UK)

F.G. (UK) 

A.D. (China)

Alice Bergin, Author of “I Know You” (UK)

Sharon (UK)


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