12 Angel Meditation CDs (inc display box)

12 Angel Meditation CDs (inc display box)

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Hypnosis Audio SamplePresence of Angels SampleHypnosis Audio SampleAngels By My Side Sample

Hypnosis Audio SampleAngels of The Blue Sample Hypnosis Audio SampleAngels Heal My Body Sample

12 Angel Meditation CDs 

This package includes 3 each of Jan Yoxalls 4 angel meditation CDs complete with display box and free customer leaflets: 

3 x In The Presence of Angels
3 x Angels By My Side
3 x Angels of The Blue
3 x Angels Heal My Body

12 Angel Meditation CDs trade pack for retail


LMV Elgin, Scotland

A.D. (China)

Alice Bergin, Author of “I Know You” (UK)

F.G. (UK) 

Sharon (UK)

Y.G. (Germany)

M.W. (UK)

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