De-Stress Technique - Stress Reducer

Stress Reducer

A de-stress technique for controlling your reaction to stressful situations. 

Whenever a problem or stressful situation arises, don’t immediately react in a negative way. Take a few slow, deep calming breaths and suspend your judgement.

Imagine you are stepping out of your body and viewing the situation from above. Remain detached from any emotion or judgement.

When you are calm and composed, take a few more deep breaths and think about how the problem can be resolved.

If it is not resolvable, start to think of things you can do to improve the situation. If nothing comes to mind straightaway, affirm that your mind will find solutions when the time is right. Be proactive in dealing with the problem as best you can at this time.


By Glenn Harrold (FBSCH Dip C.H.)

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