When you feel Fear. FEEL IT!

FearThis article will help you to deal more effectively with Fear, anxiety attacks and, panic attacks. It will help you in mastering fear from known or unknown origins.

When you experience anxiety attacks, panic attacks or fear, instead of using avoidance tactics such as watching TV, meeting people, eating sugar, taking drugs or alcohol, try sitting quietly and embracing what you feel. If you sit for long enough and keep breathing and focusing on peace you will come to the quietness that never changes.

Spend Time In Nature

There is a healing power in the quietness and beauty of the open spaces. Take time to walk amongst trees and rivers. Feel the earth and reconnect with the power of the land. Slow down and look around you. Practice peace.

Become Mindful Of The Company You Keep

Feel how you feel inside around the people in your life. We are coloured by the company we keep so spend time with loving supportive people who will encourage and empower you. Move away from those who do not. 

When you feel Fear. FEEL IT!Using Affirmations

Every day as you brush your teeth, walk to your car or to catch the bus. As you wash up, cook, as you go about your daily life use a positive statement that makes you feel powerful. Something like "I am a powerful person", "I am so full of power there is no room for fear", "I love who I am", "I am strong and fearless". If you run, recite it as you run. Make it part of the very fabric of your soul and watch the changes manifest in your life. Never underestimate the power of affirmations.

Give Thanks

No matter how often I say this I can never say it enough. Gratitude is an attitude that will draw good things to you. When you, from your heart give thanks for what you do have, you start to heal the past and create a bright future. No matter how black things look there is always something ... no matter how small, to be thankful for. So start now. SHOUT IT OUT

I really applaud your courage for working with your fear and looking the fear in the face. For taking your life into your hands and beginning the change. I send you all my love and I wish you every success. When you change, when you banish even a little fear and let in light you facilitate change in our world so bless you for that. 



By Lucinda Drayton

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