Making It Easier To Cope In Times Of Crisis

Coping in times of crisisCrisis can enter our lives in many different forms from grief, divorce, separation, loss of a job, or family problems, whatever form the crisis takes, the increased stress and anxiety levels can become intolerable. Using some of the stress relief techniques below will help you navigate through this difficult and painful time.

Relieve The Pressure

Remember when you are in a crisis everyday tasks seem huge (opening bills, making calls, taxing the car). Make a list of the things that need to be done and aim to do one or two per day. Work out the necessities of life (eg getting the kids to school or to work on time) and don’t take on anything extra. Learn to say NO.

Keep Good Company

We all have friends that drain us. During a crisis try and see them less and spend more time with people who lift you, energise you and support you.

Take Care of Your Body

Get enough sleep. In a crisis sleep is an absolutely a top priority. When you are tired everything seems a hundred times worse. If you have trouble sleeping try a herbal tranquilizer such as Passiflora. Keep a note pad and pen to write down your thoughts if you wake up in the night often this will allow you to fall asleep again. Make sure you eat well (food that is alive, not from a tin) and drink more water than you would normally drink. Being hydrated helps the body deal with emotion. Water is your friend! Carry it everywhere.

Create A Sacred Space

When you feel like falling apart the last thing you want to do is clean and tidy your house! But believe me you will be affected by your environment so try and make sure it’s clean and clear. Pay someone if you have to or ask a friend to help. Turn off the TV and play some soothing music or an inspirational CD. Buy fresh flowers and burn essential oils that smell good. Remember ORDER CREATES PEACE!

Make it easier to cope in a crisisKeep Your Own Counsel

Don’t share your heart with everyone. This is hard when you need to talk but in the long run it will empower you. Speak your heart to a few trusted friends or a counsellor. Embarking on a course of counselling with a professional counsellor will be invaluable and help you to process your emotions more easily. You actually have all the answers inside that are the best ones for you, but you need time to hear them. Beware of the advice of others. They may have an agenda that does not have your best interest at heart.

Keep Saying Thank You

Gratitude is an attitude that will draw good things to you. When you, from your heart give thanks for what you do have, you start to heal the past and create a bright future. No matter how black things look there is always something ... no matter how small, to be thankful for. So start now, even when you feel in the darkest of spaces look around you for something to be thankful for. Even if it’s only for the air you breathe or the earth on which you stand. Saying thank you is one of the most powerful healing tools. This practice will help you create the happy fulfilled loving life you want. I promise.


Facing a crisis and dealing with everything involved when your world seems to have fallen apart, takes courage, but remember to take small steps and take each day at a time, take each hour at a time if this helps. You will become stronger as time goes on.

Time and The Source

Two great healers are always around you…..Time and The Source (God/The Higher Self). You will come through this. You will expand and become stronger. Yes it may take time and work. We all have certain lessons to learn and they are tough at times, but don’t give up. Keep doing the silent work and you will come through. You are loved. 


By Lucinda Drayton

*These tips were inspired by the work of Easton Hamilton -

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