How to Quit Eating Biscuits

Step 1 How to quit drinking biscuits

Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths and allow your mind to clear. Take a moment to go inside yourself and totally relax.

Step 2

After a few minutes, imagine a plate full of the most putrid, rotting fish, maggots or anything similar that is completely repulsive to you. Create a strong picture in your mind's eye and connect with the revolting smell of the fish. Hold back from gagging, but make this image very real.

Step 3

Now focus on the biscuits that you would like to eradicate from your diet and mix it up with the rotting fish. Imagine the putrid fish inside a glass of biscuits giving off a disgusting smell. Be creative with this part of the technique; the more vivid you can make this image, the more powerful it will be. After you have fully absorbed the image, allow your mind to become blank. Take a few slow breaths, slowly count to three and open your eyes.


By Glenn Harrold (FBSCH Dip C.H.)

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