Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton Simple Truths Meditations

Lucinda is an extraordinary musician and teacher. Having written her first song aged 6 and joined her first band aged 14 she was always destined to make music. Lucinda wrote a number one hit in 1994 and went on to sign her own deal with EMI and Edel records.

Around the time of her success Lucinda went through an epiphany and started to study the world of consciousness and meditation. She became a Raj Yogi and for 10 years lead an intensely spiritual way of life, she spent time in India and then toured the world singing with the band Bliss, sharing spiritual knowledge. Also see: Bliss Relaxation Music.

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From Bliss With Love - PAL DVD

From Bliss With Love - PAL DVD

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Imagine a silent world at dawn... as the sun comes up over the lake you are touched by the miracle of being alive, by the wonder and perfection of nature.
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